Graduation Day 2017: Outfit, Reflection and Future Plans!?

On Friday, the 21st of July, I finally Graduated with a Bachelors degree in Media with Communications. It’s crazy because of a few months ago, I was almost certain that I would not achieve the grade I wanted and had stubbornly decided that I would not attend graduation for that reason alone. Yes, it’s a ridiculous decision based on the view that the world is over if you do not achieve a 2:1 (forgive me!). But just as a side note, I achieved my 2:1 and thought I would blog all about it to provide an insight into the Graduation day, what I wore, and my plans for the future. Spoiler: It’s definitely not further education!

Nottingham Trent Graduation Header created by Canva
So, the dress. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen this. I had decided on this little number earlier on in the year which I believe I bought from PrettyLittleThing, around the £30 mark. I know this may be a little scandalous for a graduation considering the sheerness of some areas, however, I genuinely feel it was very classy and intricate and provides a great job at carefully concealing some areas. I also took into consideration that the gowns would provide further coverage on the day so I wouldn’t be too ‘exposed’, but would still peek out and add detail. Overall, this is probably one of my favourite dresses that I have ever worn and was really glad I saved it for such a special event!

PrettyLittlething Graduation Dress

I began the morning of my Graduation in student style. I assumed that with the ceremony being at 10:45 am, I would arrive at 10 am and it would be a great idea. I didn’t realise that we were expected to be there at 8 am to accommodate time for queuing, registration, and putting on our gowns. I genuinely surprised myself with a skill of getting ready in 30 minutes, which involved a full face of makeup, including false eyelashes. After sprinting down the city streets in heels, I arrived with 20 minutes to spare which, even though my calves are now fine AF, I do not recommend!

Balayage hair

Before long, I was seated in the theatre. Fortunately enough, I was sat right next to my course bestie which was very memorial because we have shared almost all of the same classes as each other. This also made walking onto the stage a little easier as we could offer mutual support by cheering from the sidelines or singing nursery rhymes to calm our nerves. If you are soon to graduate, hear it from me that there’s almost no reason to be nervous because the walk on stage is over so fast that you will barely remember it, the pictures I have are the only way I know it actually happened! And besides that, there are so many people doing the same walk that, by the time it’s your turn, it just seems that being nervous is overrated (unless of course, you’re the first one up!).

Graduation Nottingham Trent University

The ceremony lasted over an hour and a half, which isn’t that long compared to others I am aware of. I feel the general momentum of excitement heads in the direction of taking pictures outside the event, rather than within it, but that’s expected with millennials and social media, to which I am no exception. Here I am posing with some of my friends, whom I spent slaving away in the library for months, fretting about the direction of my dissertation. How I even overcame that stage is a mystery to me, but I couldn’t have done it without these girls. They all worked so hard and are all so deserving of the grades they received!

Nottingham Trent UniversityNow, it’s fair to say it’s all over. I’m no longer a student and I have started this new chapter in my life that permits me to shape the direction of the rest of my life. It’s something that hasn’t really kicked in because I still feel like I’ll return in September as normal and continue my academic life, but it’s simply not true. The third year of University is a mental mind f**k! The stress was enough to ensure I won’t be returning to education again. But saying that, I look back fondly on it and, considering I have been to two universities in my lifetime, and encountered a variety of obstacles (personal and academic), I now want to write about to help others. If this is something you’re looking for I do hope you follow this blog as more is to come.

As for my own personal journey? I’m using this time wisely to ensure I become the person I want to be. Digital Content Creating/ Marketing is so close to my heart that I’m soon to be looking to expand my career horizons past my part-time job as a customer service assistant. But at the moment, I’m trying to catch up on rest and my social life, which became non-existent due to university commitments. I am deserving of that break!


So, if you’re a soon-to-be University student, or about to go into your third year, or just generally have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment with your concerns and questions! I’m happy to share my advice if it helps you out. But I promise you will come out on top.






More Kylie Lipkit dupes!? Makeup Revolution Lip Kits

Hello Lovelies,

University is (almost) finally over. This last year has been one of the craziest, most stresful experiences of my life which deserves to be rewarded. As such, I came across these new revolution ‘Retro Luxe Lip Kits” which consist of Matte and Metallic shades. Call them dupes of Kylies Lip Kits, but I’m a sucker for some good lip shades and at £6 per kit, I’m hardly complaining.

Side Note: Revolution do not test on animals. Hurrah!

Revolution Retro Luxe matte Lip Kit in  royal reign echelon worth it
From Left to Right: Royal, Reign, Echelon, Worth It

Shade: ‘Worth It’

Revolution Retro Luxe Metallic Lip Kit in Worth it

‘Worth It’ is the only metallic shade in this review. I was interested in trying this because I don’t always venture too far out of my comfort zone, but always enjoy when I find something that works for me. I must admit, I truly love this dark purple/blood bitten shade which is so versatile for day and night. For some reason though, I thought it would dry matte so the thick lip gloss texture threw me off guard. Because of this, the application can be difficult and patchy. Probably not great for those of us who lack patience.

Shade: Reign

Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Kit in Reign Matte Shade

Reign is probably the ‘girliest’ shade out of the lot. Despite the brown/ nude undertones to the shade, the colour applies closer to baby pink. Personally, I’m not a fan of pink shades, just because I don’t think it fits with my personality (makes sense right?). However saying that it is probably the most wearable shades, especially for daytime looks. Overall though, I really liked how matte the liquid dried and can see this lasting for the majority of the day.

Shade: EchelonEchelon Revolution Retro luxe matte lip shade

Echelon is my favourite matte liquid lipsticks in this review, and potentially my current favourite in my entire collection at the moment.  Similar to Reign, it is mostly a pink shade. However, the dark purple and nude undertones create a gorgeous lip-bitten shade that’s wearable throughout the day and night. An absoloute win from me.

Shade: Royal

Revolution retro luxe lip shade in reign matte dark

Royal an absolute pain to applicate! As with all dark shades, it can be one of the most unforgiving in terms of not looking like a toddlers colouring book. Because the colours dry quickly too, it can be difficult to fix during the process. However, the colour was gorgeous – a dark rich purple. Not the most wearable, but it was definitely exciting to see the end transformation.

Photography credit IG: @matt_sharratt

What shades are your favourite?



Valentines outfit!

Hello again!

Since Valentines day is quickly approaching, I thought I would release a bunch of Valentines related posts to suit the occasion. You can expect a Vegan What I eat in a Day (Valentines day edition, of course), so if you are interested in how you can make plant-based choices whilst eating all the cake in the world, definitely keep in touch by hitting the follow button!

One of my favourite things about this holiday is that it allows me to go all out with my outfit and makeup – that’s probably one of the most ‘basic’ things I’ve said today, but that’s because I don’t get of the house out much (#thirdyearstudentproblems).

Today is also just one of those days. So here I am, on a Friday afternoon, not doing my coursework and posing in a nice dress.

New Look // 19.99


This is, without a doubt,  a boob popping dress, which is one of the things that drew me in. I love an outfit that can make going bra-less appear sophisticated but I just really hate wearing bra’s anyway, so this really is a winning situation for me.  The only downfall is that I do find myself ‘falling’ out of this dress, so this is going to require some tape to keep the material firmly fixed and public appropriate.


Another thing I love about this dress is that it is so universal. Since I  put on weight last year, I have been self-concious about my tummy which literally looks invisible in these pictures because the material just flows so nicely over it. Though at the same time, the tie at the waist  provides a nice eye-drawing detail that flatters your curves. All-in-all, three course meal food-baby approved.

Let me know what your plans are for this Valentines day!


Spring // Primark Haul

Hi Guys!

I’m really supposed to be knuckling down and writing this dissertation but final year of university makes you do stupid things, like go shopping and come out with a bunch of items you just don’t need. But, at the same time, if you’re anything like me, you also love a good Primark Haul. Everybody wins.

Bralette // 8 pound


I really do love the edgy but feminine design of this bralette, especially the  triangular shaped cut which is super flattering. I don’t really wear bralettes out of the house just because they don’t offer the coverage I need, but I love to wear them around the house as loungewear because they are super comfortable! If it wasn’t so sheer I would wear this as part of a ‘going out’ outfit.


Rose gold hoodie


Now, this is either going to be the ugliest looking thing you’ve seen or the best. Honestly, I love rose gold and this material felt so silky  I couldn’t deny myself. This is technically a sports hoodie, which is how I will wear it if I ever go to the gym, but I also feel like I could incorporate this into an every-day outfit.


There is definitely a bit of a Rose/gold theme going on in this haul! Since last year I’ve been a sucker for edgy sunglasses with an intricate design. I absolutely fell in love with these two! Im so excited to be wear them when the sun comes out.

Nails // 1 pound 


I’m not a massive fake-nails person, In fact, it’s very rare I do anything to my nails and tend to leave old, cracked nail polish on until it flakes off naturally. That’s probably quiet disgusting but I’m very low maintenance.  However, I do admire good nails from afar so when I saw those in Primark for 1 pound each, I couldn’t really find fault as to not give them a try.

Hope you’re having a wonderful January,


Revolution Palette: Fortune Favours the Brave

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are having a wonderful day so far. As per usual, I have treated myself to a little eyeshadow palette. I’m going through a stage where I have fallen in love with eyeshadows all over again and trying to venture out of my routinely brown smokey eye, hence why this blog is so focussed on makeup at the moment. Next week will be a slight shift however where I will be posting a budget Vegan grocery haul for all you students out there who are just going to uni for the first time, so definitely follow if that’s something you are wanting to see.


Back on topic, the palette I’m currently obsessed with is the Revolution “Fortune Favours The Brave” which was just under the £10 Mark accessible in Superdrug. While Revolution can not say they are Vegan, they have confirmed that they do not test on animals and neither do their third parties – which is great news for those who do not buy into animal cruelty.

img_5772The main reason why I chose this palette is because the shades are so versatile and wearable. I’m not usually one for bright colours on my lid, but right now I’m up for experimentation and I find this selection of 30 shades allows me to do that without being too daring. I also love how these shades are so smokey and romantic in theme, with plenty of pigmented gold and pink shimmering shades, matte nudes and gorgeous marbled shadows too, allowing me to go from day to night. It also helps theres a huge mirror: theres nothing worse than a palette without a mirror!


 I highly recommend this palette, especially for those on a budget like me.

Let me know if you have any favourite beauty buys this month!



Shh September: Rose gold Makeup OTD.

September has rolled around so fast, don’t you think? I always get excited when the seasons start to change because I love to use it as an opportunity to change up my look – hair and makeup included, and today has been no exception. So I’m just quickly checking in to show you what I’m wearing today and what products I used to achieve this look.


A post shared by Leanne perry (@helloleaa) on

The products I used:

  • Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in “Shabby Chic”
  • Benefits “Gimme Brow”
  • Bare Minerals The Possibilities eyeshadow palette, shade “Future” (Rose gold) and “Promise” (Matte white)
  • Maybelline “Matte Ink” black eyeliner
  • Sleek “The Original” Palette, both Pink shades and warm brown
  • Debenhams gold glitter eyeshadow dust.


I love everything Rose gold and warm brown for the autumn months, what do you like to wear?



My Vegan Easter Feast!

Good evening, bloggers!

I hope you’ve been having a wonderful easter filled with chocolate and sugar – all the naughties that restrain us from having our ideal body. I just wanted to post a few snippets of what my easter entailed, especially now that I follow a plant-based diet to show, contrary to many beliefs, just how easy it was.

You can substitute  your average easter eggs for vegan chocolate, yes there are Vegan chocolate easter eggs too but I didn’t really want much chocolate this year, partly because being plant-based does not automatically mean they are healthy and I’m still aiming for weight loss! Instead my boyfriend decided to surprise me by joining my vegan adventure. We spent the day  day baking these delicious  chocolate orange  and strawberry cupcakes, I think they turned out great as you can see from my Instagram.  ( If you’re not following me, you totally should if you want to see my healthy  low fat meal plans/ daily life!)


Matthew decided on this recipe himself, creating what he calls a Moroccan-style pie, which was basically just Sweet potato and spicy vegetable mix under a layer of puff pastry. He followed this with a side of Broccoli and Edamame spiced with chilli flakes, garlic pepper and a slice of lime, but of course he add to add layers upon layers of cheese. I’ve been trying to wean him off it, but it’s just not happening. I’m just happy that it’s non-dairy, which who knew could taste so freaking amazing?



As for a little beauty-related to keep things sweet, I just want to show you my current favourite nail polish and design. I’m incredibly lazy, so anything with a 60 seconds setting time is a must have. I especially like this pastel blue shade “Breakfast in Bed” which is very typical of Easter Sunday, don’t you think?


I also just added a slight white design to add a little jazz but like I said , I’m lazy and not particularly skilled so this design is only on my left hand. I haven’t attempted the right because I refuse to make such an effort with little pay off, kudos to you if you can!

How did you spend Easter this year?

Best of Easter wishes!

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 09.48.31


Thursday Thoughts// Am I Vegan?

I was really put off making this post, because I know Veganism and dietary talk can set off the nastiest of debates. But changing my lifestyle, for the better, is a big factor of my life right now and so it’s something I would like to discuss.

In case you’re wondering what Veganism is, it is a plant based diet  with the elimination of meat and dairy; no beef, no eggs, no cheese or milk. Veganism promotes a lifestyle that is sustainable for the planet, that is better for your health and promotes the awareness of animal rights.


For the majority, I’m not a big meat eater anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I really like my steak nights when I can afford it but anything else I find sort of boring, only eating chicken breast to up my ‘protein’ intake. But I realised quickly I could find better sources of protein with lower fat content in mock-meat products such as Quorn, which although are not Vegan, they are a lot more beneficial to your overall health. Fruits and vegetables are also some of my favourite foods which make up the most of my diet anyway, especially when I realised how much cheaper it was to buy these products than processed microwavable foods.

So naturally, I was already on a plant-based diet but like most people, I felt vegetarianism and Veganism was extreme, a ridiculous concept that goes against what we are taught is a part of a balanced diet. That’s what I thought when I came across a Facebook post ridiculing this lifestyle, and seeing a huge backlash from the Vegan community. Actually, my first thought was how overly-dramatic, sarcastic and angry these Vegans were, from Freelee the Banana girl on YouTube, and the comments that criticised people who were transitioning slowly. For me, it gave Veganism a reputation that I didn’t want to be associated with, scared I would be  bullied out of the community for not being a “good enough” vegan because my health was my first priority. But I decided to research more, watching documentaries such as Cowspiracy  that taught me about our planet and the animals that inhabit it so I understand now that it is more than just our health, it’s the bigger picture.


So am I vegan? Right now I am in my transition period. I am having to try a whole bunch of new foods like Tofu, soy products, lentils and beans and figure out a new meal plan and routine which is actually difficult.  I am worried about eating out, and eating over at friends houses because of the response I might get, but I also know that it just takes time and practice. I also know I will get things wrong, and thats okay because it’s a learning process that should be encouraged. But so far, I am really enjoying knowing that I am doing right by my body and the planet, and I can’t wait to see the results.

In the meantime, I will be updating my blog with Vegan related posts, such as meal ideas and my experience with possible weight-loss ( I have a holiday coming up after all!). Also if you have any Vegan related tips, its something I would really appreciate seeing because I’m learning so much everyday.

Need some Vegan Snack inspiration? Tasty Vegan  Snacks

Watch this video for more information! 101 reasons to Go Vegan


Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 09.48.31

What I eat: Tasty Vegan/ Healthy snacks

For a while now, the majority of my diet  has been plant based purely because fruit and vegetables are some of my favourite foods. But I’ve recently taken interest in Veganism and the benefits that come from eating an entirely plant-based diet, which sounds extreme to many (Including my previous self) due to the strict nature of eating no meat and dairy.  Whilst I can’t say that I am truly a vegan yet, I do believe it’s beneficial to both the environment and our health to cut down in these areas and opt for healthier alternatives, believe me when I say there are so many out there, especially when it comes to snacks.

Vegetable crisps


These vegetable crisps  might sound odd right off the bat, but they have become a staple junk food in my kitchen. The mixture of Beetroot, parsnip and Sweet potato create an interesting dynamic of tastes, basically they taste great and are a healthier alternative to your average big pack of crisps. These are available in Aldi, Tesco and  ASDA for around £2

The Food Doctor: Multigrain crisps 12767959_10208849060643479_1801369970_o

If you like that kind of bite to melt in your mouth sort of texture that Quavers or Skips offer, then these  great alternative as pack of crisps. You can substitute nacho’s or Doritos for these guys  (if you enjoy dipping sauces as your snack) as a very easy way of getting more nutrition into your day. Natural, nutritious,and low  fat is a winner for a vegan lifestyle. Available at Tesco for around £2



Humous is a great way of packing in some healthy fat if you’re not a fan of avocados ( I don’t see the fascination!). I like to dip carrot sticks in, but I’m sure you can use celery or add it into meals and salads too so it’s very versatile as a flavouring agent. Be careful to read the ingredients though if you are a vegan, as some can contain dairy. Available at Tesco for £1

Gallo Organic Rice Cakes


I love this brand.  These rice cakes come a variety of flavours and are so versatile as a snack. Eat them alone or top with Tomato’s, humous or practically anything you like and enjoy entirely guilt free. Honestly, 3/4 of this pack has been eaten by my boyfriend, so that says enough. Currently available at ASDA for £1

This is the obvious one that should be left unsaid, but fruit is an essential. I usually opt for Mango, Passion fruit and blueberries but Aldi was offering great prices for Kiwis ( 45p?) so I felt the need to switch up a little.  Thats the best thing about fruit, there’s so much of it.  Tasty Snack idea: Try making a vegan replica of ice-cream by wrapping a banana in tin foil and placing in the freezer overnight. Or baking in the oven with cinnamon. Guilt free sweet treats!

What healthy/ vegan snacks do you recommend?

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 09.48.31

We’ve all been there, we’re on a diet or a “lifestyle change” eating our daily fruit and veggies when a monster of a craving takes a visit. Sometimes its just too hard to resist and even when we go weeks without taking a bite of junk food, the repressed cravings take over and you tell yourself its ok for just one day to eat all the crap you can find. Sound familiar?

For me, this is an all so regular appearence and so I’ve taken a different approach that has been super sucessful for me, that helps me avoid binge eating and allows me to eat the things I want whilst still losing weight!

My Chocolate Rule

This may be a little TMI for some of you, but it’s that awful time of the month and yesterday I couldn’t shift off my craving for chocolate. Despite my love for milk chocolate, I decided that if I was going to allow myself to have some, I would opt for a slightly healthier alternative that I don’t perticularily enjoy, in this case dark chocolate, which would curb my cravings without me wanting to eat over the allowence I had given myself ( 2-3 squares). I have also excessively sealed up the packaging before hiding it away so that it would be difficult to “cave in” too quickly, but this is an optional step if your willpower is stronger than mine.

Delicious and nutritious?  Incorperate chocolate with fruits and nuts. Remember as always to eat in moderation!

My Eating out Rule

There are some instances in which you may have to eat out, such as a social event. But if you have the option, make an effort to find a place that sources a menu of fresh, healthy foods that wont tempt you into getting a burger. But like anybody, I understand that sometimes this may mean more money. So if you are eating out, my best tip would be to see where you can cut back on, you can do this by:

  • Asking for your food without sauces/ creams – Is that sour cream and Guacamole really that necessary?
  • Asking for a side salad instead of chips, and eating that before you begin on your main so that you feel a little more satisfied before you demolish your high fat meal.
  • Asking for water with ice and a slice, not coca cola or alcohol. This will help to fill you up, lower your calorie intake and save you a bit of money.
  • Eating until you are satsified, not bloated. Even if this means eating half of your king-size burrito.
  • Opting for no dessert, or at least, sharing the dessert.

You have time? If eating out isn’t compulsary, then buy foods in and recreate your favourite dish at home. You’ll be spending less money for the same food that can last you a week. You can even make this a date night.

Remember: To celebrate every little bit of success – You’ve done what you couldn’t do a week ago!

It’s okay to have a bad day.


It’s okay to have a day where you have just fallen off the “bandwagon”, we’re human, we have cravings and we don’t always do right by our bodies. That is okay. Just pick yourself up tomorrow and start again, but if this is a regular occurance, perhaps you should look at your diet to see where you may be going wrong. You shouldn’t ever feel hungry or like you are missing out if you are eating right – and that doesn’t mean eating salad or excercising all day, every day!  Talk to a nutritionist or a fitness instructor about coming up with a  personalised health and fitness plan that fits with your goals. In the meantime, try to do things to rectify it, like taking the stairs instead of the lift or going to a gym class: just one step towards a healthier you.

Do you have any healthy eating tips? Let me know in the comments below!