Hello there

Hi, I’m Leanne!

I’ll start with the honest truth. I began this blog with all intention of sharing my health and lifestyle tips that was heavily based on a meat based diet, but along the way I came across Veganism, a lifestyle that truly challenged my  concrete beliefs on nutrition and I was challenged to perceive the world in a different way. Many aspects of my life truly changed for the better!60c6cc587da9d939e11d29651e6880dd.jpg

As a 22 year old student in Nottingham, that is completely financially independent and struggles with diseases that effect my mobility and general wellbeing, I want to use this blog to showcase how truly easy, budget friendly, and worthwhile it is to adopt a plant-based diet. No, that doesn’t mean salads for dinner, it means enjoying the best of foods (Burritos and pizza, i’m looking at you!) whilst feeling nourished, seeing  the results and  all of course while actively benefiting the planet!

You can expect a variety of posts from; What i eat in a day, grocery hauls, Fitness routines, cruelty-free makeup tutorials and reviews. If this is something that you want to see, regardless of whether you’re already a vegan or not, please hit the follow button to be updated for new posts. I hope you can find enjoyment in following my own personal journey within the Vegan scope.







12 thoughts on “Hello there

  1. I massively agree with what you’re saying here! Too many people change their personas because of the power media and whatnot has given them and it’s nice to find someone who’s real and in it for the love of it x


  2. I just came across your blog! It’s cool! I just started blogging 1-1-16. I’m twice your age and then some! Lol! But I like your writing style and will follow you! It will keep me in the loop with the young folk 👍

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