I’m no longer Vegan?

Hello Bloggers, It’s been a while.

I have something to admit, I’m changing my diet. When I first turned to veganism, I adopted a more fruit based diet (I’m talking grapes for breakfast and watermelon for days)  which was heavily influenced by the promises of weight-loss by Freeleethebananagirl. Even though I will be changing my diet, I have a lot to be thankful for; my energy levels soared, my immunity to colds, virus’s and general illnesses had dramatically raised, and i did wake up looking pretty bomb. However, a year on this fruit-based diet and despite the exercise I had done, I just wasn’t losing any of 2015’s Christmas weight. Furthermore, I felt constantly hungry and to curb that, I felt the constant need to eat, which makes sense as to why I have put on so much weight which feels foreign to my frame.

I can’t completely blame this diet though, I was also eating a lot of (Vegan) pizzas, burritos, cakes and cheeses, which is completely natural coming to an entirely new lifestyle where there is much to be discovered. It was my birthday a few days ago and i ordered this monster chocolate black forest from Clemies Vegan cakes. Now that it has been demolished, I’m ready to change!

Recently I found WSLF (Whole Starch Low Fat) advocated by Mr & Mrs Vegan on Youtube. Similar to Mcdougals plan, the general  outline consists of fuelling your body with whole, natural starches which will keep you satiated for a longer time due to the fact they are complex carbohydrates. Half of your plate (Or really, unlimited) should be full of nutritious vegetables, legumes, beans, with only (limited) portions of fruit throughout the day. This way of eating, no processed foods, oils, refined sugars are key to not only losing weight, but plays key into meeting all your nutritional needs. While I can’t really provide the best scientific knowledge in my own words, I can point in the direction of their Facebook Page which is filled with success stories and their Youtube videos which provide more information, backed up by science, if that is what you are looking for.


They do recommend WSLF as a 30 day challenge, and as it is Veganuary there is no better way to get introduced to quick weight-loss for those new years resolutions. I personally will not be using WSLF as a “diet fad” but a foundation for my diet this year mainly because it is much more convenient to me in terms of budget and my satiation levels. I’m currently on day 2 so it’s still early days for me to comment on any  bodily changes. I will update this page at a later date to check in my progress.





16 thoughts on “I’m no longer Vegan?

  1. Hi! Just wondering have you heard/delved in the whole-foods plant -based thing yet? If not, I’d highly recommend – get a copy of The China Study, it’s just eye opening & it totally works! good luck, looking forward to reading more!


  2. Awesome! I am a McDougaller! I’ve been eating Whole Foods Plant Based No Oil since July and have lost 25 pounds! I’m just getting into blogging, but I have 25 left to lose and plan on blogging about my journey =) awesome to see a new Starchivore join the team! Carb up!

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    1. Hi Kai it’s so great to hear from another Starchivore! That is incredible progress, I’d definitely love to see some blog posts that follow the rest of your journey. Get blogging!


  3. Thanks for following my blog and reading my latest post on eating. I know this journey isn’t easy and I encourage you to check out some of the books I suggested. Best of luck!


  4. Good on you!! My only issue with low fat diets is that fats are essential for so many mechanisms inside the body like hormone regulation, and making cholesterol (good cholesterol). Try not to eliminate the good fats from your diet 🙂
    If you’re interested in learning more about the science relating to nutrition and diet, i recommend this amazing podcast


    1. You are completely right! Thanks so much for the suggestion. Im still trying to incorporate a variety of seeds in my diet ( I’m allergic to nuts, and hate avocado!) to make sure I’m getting everything i need.


  5. I totally get it! That whole fruitarian lifestyle sounds great… but it isn’t sustainable! I am all about a whole food plant based diet that is low in fat. Oatmeal is yummy, vegetables are good for you, and fruit is yummy but variety is better. Good job girl!


    1. Have you ever heard of Intermittent fasting and Ketosis? These are some other ways of tapping into our bodies fat sources and using fat for energy! Stored fat is much harder to access in our bodies especially if you have consistent sources of energy from carbs (glycogen) for fuel. Also when you mentioned eating high fruit – vegans do tend to up their fruit and veggie intake but fruits shouldn’t be the primary source of nutrients. Fruits actually contain lots of sugar – yes it’s natural sugar but it’s still sugar and when consumed in excessive amounts isn’t necessarily that good for you. Haha sorry i’m random info spilling here but from what i’ve learned being in Kinesiology and sifting through research and listening to podcasts I wouldn’t give up on veganism!

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