Thursday Thoughts// Am I Vegan?

I was really put off making this post, because I know Veganism and dietary talk can set off the nastiest of debates. But changing my lifestyle, for the better, is a big factor of my life right now and so it’s something I would like to discuss.

In case you’re wondering what Veganism is, it is a plant based diet  with the elimination of meat and dairy; no beef, no eggs, no cheese or milk. Veganism promotes a lifestyle that is sustainable for the planet, that is better for your health and promotes the awareness of animal rights.


For the majority, I’m not a big meat eater anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I really like my steak nights when I can afford it but anything else I find sort of boring, only eating chicken breast to up my ‘protein’ intake. But I realised quickly I could find better sources of protein with lower fat content in mock-meat products such as Quorn, which although are not Vegan, they are a lot more beneficial to your overall health. Fruits and vegetables are also some of my favourite foods which make up the most of my diet anyway, especially when I realised how much cheaper it was to buy these products than processed microwavable foods.

So naturally, I was already on a plant-based diet but like most people, I felt vegetarianism and Veganism was extreme, a ridiculous concept that goes against what we are taught is a part of a balanced diet. That’s what I thought when I came across a Facebook post ridiculing this lifestyle, and seeing a huge backlash from the Vegan community. Actually, my first thought was how overly-dramatic, sarcastic and angry these Vegans were, from Freelee the Banana girl on YouTube, and the comments that criticised people who were transitioning slowly. For me, it gave Veganism a reputation that I didn’t want to be associated with, scared I would be  bullied out of the community for not being a “good enough” vegan because my health was my first priority. But I decided to research more, watching documentaries such as Cowspiracy  that taught me about our planet and the animals that inhabit it so I understand now that it is more than just our health, it’s the bigger picture.


So am I vegan? Right now I am in my transition period. I am having to try a whole bunch of new foods like Tofu, soy products, lentils and beans and figure out a new meal plan and routine which is actually difficult.  I am worried about eating out, and eating over at friends houses because of the response I might get, but I also know that it just takes time and practice. I also know I will get things wrong, and thats okay because it’s a learning process that should be encouraged. But so far, I am really enjoying knowing that I am doing right by my body and the planet, and I can’t wait to see the results.

In the meantime, I will be updating my blog with Vegan related posts, such as meal ideas and my experience with possible weight-loss ( I have a holiday coming up after all!). Also if you have any Vegan related tips, its something I would really appreciate seeing because I’m learning so much everyday.

Need some Vegan Snack inspiration? Tasty Vegan  Snacks

Watch this video for more information! 101 reasons to Go Vegan


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14 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts// Am I Vegan?

  1. Hey, thanks for liking my post. I really like your posts, especially this one!:) I think its great to do a slow transition and learn slowly as you go- It makes it more achievable and easy 🙂 Most of us were raised with certain food eating habits and breaking them apart takes time:) I will start following your blog to get more updates on how you get on 🙂


  2. That’s so great 😊 I’ve slowly been transitioning to being a vegetarian and my ultimate goal is to be vegan, due to similar reasons as yours. I haven’t posted any vegan or food related posts yet but it is on my to do list. I would appreciate it if you could take a look around my blog as I’m relatively a newbie💖 thanks a bunch X hope to read more interesting things from you soon xx B


  3. Love this post! This is actually one of the issues that deeply sickened me while I was fully identifying myself as a vegan and one of the reason I may not use the term exclusively even if I go back to it completely if I remove the eggs I have occasionally. I value life so deeply. Yet in an area that is preaching the sanctity of it in some form, it was crucifying even young teenagers trying the transition while living with parents. It spoke to the awareness that being vegan may actually have nothing to do with preserving life when some could kill so easily with words.
    I would love to encourage you in your step, that love alone has the ability to make sense of choice. When the issue is about value rather than guilt, it changes the direction of perception.
    So proud of you for choosing to be so forthright! It’s your journey. No one else can walk it for you. Don’t fear the fight with others. You need not explain yourself to anyone. A great skill builder in communication. You wear different styles of clothing, why should food style be any different.

    Well done 😊

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    1. Exactly what you said! Take your own steps and your own time, we’re doing so well as it is and it should be celebrated for what we do, and not what we don’t. You’re the best, thank you for your lovely words!

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  4. I have so many feelings about this post. I started to write a response but it got too long so I decided to turn it into my own blog post. I hope you check it out, enjoy it and anyone else pondering the same thoughts will as well!


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