We’ve all been there, we’re on a diet or a “lifestyle change” eating our daily fruit and veggies when a monster of a craving takes a visit. Sometimes its just too hard to resist and even when we go weeks without taking a bite of junk food, the repressed cravings take over and you tell yourself its ok for just one day to eat all the crap you can find. Sound familiar?

For me, this is an all so regular appearence and so I’ve taken a different approach that has been super sucessful for me, that helps me avoid binge eating and allows me to eat the things I want whilst still losing weight!

My Chocolate Rule

This may be a little TMI for some of you, but it’s that awful time of the month and yesterday I couldn’t shift off my craving for chocolate. Despite my love for milk chocolate, I decided that if I was going to allow myself to have some, I would opt for a slightly healthier alternative that I don’t perticularily enjoy, in this case dark chocolate, which would curb my cravings without me wanting to eat over the allowence I had given myself ( 2-3 squares). I have also excessively sealed up the packaging before hiding it away so that it would be difficult to “cave in” too quickly, but this is an optional step if your willpower is stronger than mine.

Delicious and nutritious?  Incorperate chocolate with fruits and nuts. Remember as always to eat in moderation!

My Eating out Rule

There are some instances in which you may have to eat out, such as a social event. But if you have the option, make an effort to find a place that sources a menu of fresh, healthy foods that wont tempt you into getting a burger. But like anybody, I understand that sometimes this may mean more money. So if you are eating out, my best tip would be to see where you can cut back on, you can do this by:

  • Asking for your food without sauces/ creams – Is that sour cream and Guacamole really that necessary?
  • Asking for a side salad instead of chips, and eating that before you begin on your main so that you feel a little more satisfied before you demolish your high fat meal.
  • Asking for water with ice and a slice, not coca cola or alcohol. This will help to fill you up, lower your calorie intake and save you a bit of money.
  • Eating until you are satsified, not bloated. Even if this means eating half of your king-size burrito.
  • Opting for no dessert, or at least, sharing the dessert.

You have time? If eating out isn’t compulsary, then buy foods in and recreate your favourite dish at home. You’ll be spending less money for the same food that can last you a week. You can even make this a date night.

Remember: To celebrate every little bit of success – You’ve done what you couldn’t do a week ago!

It’s okay to have a bad day.


It’s okay to have a day where you have just fallen off the “bandwagon”, we’re human, we have cravings and we don’t always do right by our bodies. That is okay. Just pick yourself up tomorrow and start again, but if this is a regular occurance, perhaps you should look at your diet to see where you may be going wrong. You shouldn’t ever feel hungry or like you are missing out if you are eating right – and that doesn’t mean eating salad or excercising all day, every day!  Talk to a nutritionist or a fitness instructor about coming up with a  personalised health and fitness plan that fits with your goals. In the meantime, try to do things to rectify it, like taking the stairs instead of the lift or going to a gym class: just one step towards a healthier you.

Do you have any healthy eating tips? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. What great suggestions!
    When I used to go out with my ex we would split everything and drink water-that way we would save money and calories! Unfortunately, this doesn’t work with my current partner, but I just try to divide my plate in half and tell myself that I will save the rest to eat later. That works until he starts eating off my plate…I have to stop myself from getting territorial.
    My other trick is to never get a drink when I go out to dinner, unless it is a justifiable special occasion (my birthday, getting into my choice grad school, ect) and if I do it’s either a drink or dessert and NEVER both!


  2. Great list.
    I’m so with you on the chocolate thing. I actually wrote a post about it recently. Usually my rule is to just keep it out of the apartment. So if I want chocolate, I have it – but I have to go out and get it.

    Really enjoying your blog 🙂

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