We get it. We envy your Instagram posts of 6 pack abs, perky bum and ever-so forced enthusiasm for eating fruit and veggies all day every day. But some of us don’t quiet have the energy to make our health a 24/7 dedicated commitment, even when I try to, there’s nothing more tempting than wine and cake with the girls (AKA my Wednesday night). It is all about balance and remaining committed inside and out of the kitchen, and I’ve learned a few motivating tips to make me feel ready to take on the world, or the treadmill.

  1. Keep a diary/ To-do:
    When I attempt to organise my life in my head, it can quickly lead me to feeling swamped. Keeping a diary where I can write down everything I want to accomplish that day, from day-to-day activities and workout goals, allows me to see clearly and feels more like an accomplishment when I am able to cross them off.
  2. Make a Gym Wardrobe:
    It sounds vain and petty to some but having something you look forward to wear is a pretty good motivator to get you out of bed in the morning. This applies just as much to the gym as it does in everyday life. New look have a nice range right now, such as this set here.
    Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 20.40.31
  3. Stop using the scales:
    They do not give you a measurement of your fat content, of your muscle mass or over your overall health and wellbeing. The scales weigh exactly how much your body is in total and that can include the food your body is trying to digest straight after dinner. You’re total body weight fluctuates constantly, you are human so start looking in the mirror more and note changes using measuring tape to see inches drop off.
  4. It’s a life change:
    So start taking it more seriously. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, do some floor work while binge watching “Making a Murderer”, the simplest of things add up. I recently invested in the FitBit Flex which tracks my steps and activity, which allows me to keep a level of motivation and track my personal goals more closely
  5. Just DO IT:
    When it’s dark outside and you’ve just come back from a long day know that it is only your mentality thats holding you back from your ultimate goal. Put on your gym clothes and go, don’t stop to think about it. When you’re there its very unlikely you will want to turn around and go back home. Even if it’s a small workout, you’ll feel great knowing you have done more than what you initially thought.
  6. Knowledge is power:
    Know that it is unlikely you will look like a Victorias Secret model, and that this is  not an achievable goal if you eat next to nothing and workout like a machine. This is an attitude that will tire you out quickly and can put a strain on your body. Take it at your own pace and motivation will be continuous.

Let me know you’re workout tips that I can  also incorporate into my non-instagram worthy life.


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